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Shareholders' Agreement
We recommend that clients have one where the company is a closely held company; where the company is a joint venture between 2 or more shareholders; or often when a client is a minority shareholder.
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The absent employee - what you need to do
What to do if an employee simply does not turn up to work.
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The importance of a simple Will.
You should review your will when major events happen in your life. For example, the birth of children, the death of close relatives or other major changes in circumstances such as buying a new home, or transferring property to a trust etc.
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The New REINZ Agreement for Sale and Purchase
For more than 20 years most real estate sales and purchases have been documented on a standard agreement for sale and purchase that was produced by the Auckland District Law Society and the Real Estate Institute.
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To be a Contractor or not to be...
What's the difference between an Employee and an Independent Contractor? Do I need to pay holiday pay to a contractor, can they bring a personal grievance against my company?
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Trusts and Relationship Property
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