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Leaky Buildings: The State of the Play
There are no signs that the number of leaky building cases are declining. In fact more and more people are discovering that they too must face the fact that their home has significant moisture egress issues and they need to spend a significant amount of money on repairs.
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Managing Personal Grievances
What are personal grievances? How to avoid them and what to do if a personal grievance is brought against you.
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Mirror Trusts and Occupation Orders
This area of the law is in a state of change and previously held assumptions about the inability to obtain an occupation order over trust owned property have been challenged.
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Probationary or trial periods in Employment Agreements – Are they lawful?
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Restraints of Trade
In the current tight labour market many employers are insisting on restraints of trade in employment agreements. So what are they?
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Reverse Mortgages
The manner in which reverse mortgages are advertised as simple, no regular payments loans,makes them, at first glance seem to be an ideal way for the retired and mortgage free people to have an immediate and easy cash windfall.
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