Health & Safety

The Health and Safety in Employment Act imposes strict obligations on employers to ensure their work places are safe not only for staff and visitors, but also for themselves and anyone else who may be harmed in the workplace.

In the last few years, heavy penalties have been imposed on those who do not take their health and safety obligations seriously.

The Health and Safety in Employment Act was reviewed in 2003 and the key change was the expansion of the definition of “harm” to include mental harm caused by work related stress. This was controversial at the time, but to date, there have been very few cases on the issue. It does however pay to deal with any claims of "work related stress" as soon as they are raised, because there is now potential for claims to be brought under that Act.

How can we help
We can advise employers of their obligations under the Act and help you to comply. If an accident occurs and action is being taken against your company, we can provide representation in court.

Costs will depend on the type of help you need. We will provide an estimate at our initial consultation. If that’s not possible, we will charge our time on an hourly basis and provide you with interim bills so you can monitor costs.

Legal Resources:

Consider Mediation
There is no doubt about it litigation is expensive, stressful and prolonged. It always involves an element of risk - the judge may not quite see your situation in the same light as you - and you may end up with an unsatisfactory result.

Health and Safety in the Workplace
Health and safety laws have changed and there is now provision for employees who are "stressed" as a result of work or the workplace to make claims.Read on about the changes and how they may affect you.