Education law concerns all issues which arise at educational institutions such as schools, universities, technical institutes. For example, what obligations does the institute have to the student and what rights does the student have? What rights and obligations exist if the relationship is not working out and a student is suspended or expelled?
Education law also encompasses health and safety issues, privacy, and employment issues with staff members.

Educational institutions within the public system are bound by laws which impose even more obligations on them, such as the State Sector Act which requires an employer to be a good employer, to have an equal employment opportunities policy and so forth.

How can we help
We can advise parties of their legal rights and obligations when a dispute arises, and help resolve the dispute.

If a resolution can’t be reached, the dispute may go to a disciplinary body such as the Board of Trustees, the Teacher's Council, Employment Relations Authority or Court. We can help you put your case there also.

We like to be pro-active when dealing with education law issues, and advise various boards of trustees on their rights and obligations and on strategies when dealing with education law issues. We also help students and staff members in the early stages of disputes, before they turn into major problems.

Because education law is so wide ranging, it is difficult to provide a cost estimate. However, we will gladly provide estimates on a case by case basis and it is our policy to interim bill so that you know on a monthly basis what your legal fees are.

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