Dispute Resolution/Mediation

“I’ll see you in court,” is not the popular phrase that it used to be. Once a judge becomes involved in a dispute, the cost (in money and time) becomes so large that it’s often not worth it.

In the last few years, new ways of resolving disputes have been developed. Mediation is extremely popular because it is quick, effective and economical. In fact, many of our new laws, including the Employment Relations Act and the Resource Management Act, require parties to attempt mediation before they go to court.

How it works
Mediation is a problem solving process in which an independent third person, a trained mediator, helps the parties in a dispute talk through the issues, then create a solution they can both agree on. The process is informal, confidential and voluntary. The mediator will not force a resolution nor impose a decision on the parties. The process is very adaptable and can be used in almost any dispute situation.

Mediation can take from a couple of hours to around two days.

How can we help
Allison Adams, partner is an experienced and qualified mediator. Allison is a LEADR accredited mediator.

Allison charges $350 an hour plus GST to provide mediation services. (Venue charges and expenses are extra.) Alternatively, Allison is happy to discuss a flat fee for the mediation.

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