Representation in Court

There are many issues that can only be dealt with by a judge in court or by a decision maker in one of many administrative tribunals.

Disputes involving contracts, breach of contract, misrepresentation and other general legal disputes are normally dealt with in the District Court or High Court. Disputes in specialist areas such as family or employment are dealt with in their own courts or tribunals; for example, the Family Court or Employment Court.

If you need to go to court or to a tribunal, we can represent you. In the first instance, we will try to resolve your dispute without going to court (it’s much less expensive). But if that doesn’t work, will discuss with you the pros and cons of having the matter decided by a judge, and what the costs will be.

If your case does go to court, we will prepare evidence and legal argument and present your case on your behalf.

Because every case is different, costs in each case can vary widely. We will always try to estimate our costs in advance, based on the nature of your case. If that is not possible, we will tell you what our charge out rates are and interim bill so that you can monitor costs as the case progresses.

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